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About us

Greeting From Ebene Aquarium Services!!!

Ebene Aquarium Services provide stunning customised underwater garden aquariums and garden ponds solutions for companies and residences. Our  nature inspired aquairum and pond designs are exceptionally beautiful and unique; they are like a slice of nature

Based at Chennai, today we have produced number of aquarium & pond installation, with fantastic natural aquascape and improved the appeal of the interiors & exteriors. Our team is highly networked with best fabricator to produce stunning aquarium installation for interior & exterior decoration. We don't coming out with extra-large aquarium or odd form of aquarium installation, with monotonous aquascape for the sake of showing off our engineering capabilities. Our primary focus is to add value to the existing or new interior/exterior through beautiful aquascape of all size and installation method based on the interior/exterior decoration needs for the client

We do both new and upgrade aquarium and pond works, with worry free maintenance provided by our team

About the Founder-

Mr. A Ganesh pandian, a passionate aquarium hobbyist, with more then 20 years of experience in keeping & breeding various varitey of fishes, and more then 6 years of experience in keeping aquatic plants, nature habitat exporation and research. In 2013 he founded Ebene Aquarium Services to create unique nature inspired underwater garden aquairum and pond solutions for companies and residence.