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Aquarium Chiller Repair

We carry out repair service for all brand aquarium chiller. We host all spare parts, repair equipment, and qualified technician team for 100% restoring of faulty aquarium chiller of all brand. We can also tuneup the old aquarium chiller, and enhance its performance.

Contact us at 9791014113 for aquarium chiller repair and new aquarium chiller selection consultation


Tips for proper maintenance of Aquarium chiller-

  • Keep the chiller in well ventilated place with no object obstructing the hot air flow form the chiller condenser. Minimum 2 to 3 feet gap between the hot air outlet of the chiller and wall is required for smooth function of the chiller
  • Select the maximum flow rate pump for  best performance of the chiller
  • Clean the pre-filter if available on the chiller to ensure maximum fresh air flow to the chiller
  • Cover the chiller from possible water spill to avoid spoiling electrical component in the chiller. In case of spill power off the chiller and clean the chiller with dry cloth
  • Never place the chiller on uneven floor. Do not tilt the chiller on transport, if happen wait for 30 min to ensure the displaced compressor oil fall back to the compressor
  • Select the best chiller for your aquarium. Think of this like selecting right water motor pump for the over head water tank, if the tank is large and pump selected's flow rate  is under rated then this will reduced the life of the motor pump due to long running hour (duty cycle).  Same way high/long duty cycle for the compressor will reduce its life and make huge electricity bill. We can enhance the chiller cooling capacity of most brand of aquarium chiller with our chiller tuneup service
  • Check for the hot air flow speed and heat regularly to spot faulty cooling fan and gas leakage. Running the chiller with faults can lead to complete failure of the compressor/chiller
  • If the chiller cooling capacity reduced, immediately get the chiller serviced to avoid addition damage to the chiller
  • Do periodic preventive service for the chiller by cleaning the condensing coil of accumulated dust