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Outdoor Garden Pond


Outdoor Garden Pond with live plants and fish create a lively water garden, and add fantastic flavor to the garden land scape. We scape Garden Pond with utmost care to replicate beautiful natural looking pond with plants like-

  • · Emmersed Flowering plants (Aquatic)
  • · Marginal Bog Plants (Marsh Plants)
  • · Lily Plants (Aquatic)
  • · Pond boarder ground plants (Ground plants)

Our Garden Pond requires very less maintenance activities as it will be carefully designed and layout to ensure long maintenance free period. Algae growth and Pest insects will be controlled by thoughtful design and advance equipment and additives

Fish like Comet Goldfish, Koi Carp, etc. can be kept in this kind of pond based on the size and depth

Garden Pond is an excellent place to relax seeing the beautiful natural water scape, fish’s activities, and feeding them.

Most of the plants used on garden pond produce beautiful vegetation and colorful flowers, which add additional beauty to the entire pond. 

Garden pond can have the following addon like, wakeover bridge, natural looking rock water cascade/fountain, etc. based on the suitability. Which can add new dimension and add beauty to the outdoor garden pond and landscape.

Feel free to have a no obligation discussion with our people to see if our solution can make your landscaping & outdoor decoration dream turn reality!