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Indoor Floor Pond

Indoor floor pond, is bellow floor level (sunken) pond (water body) covered by  glass/clear acrylic sheets. In Indoor floor pond colorful pond fish can be added to enjoy their beauty conveniently in the interior space.  For a successful indoor floor pond, proper design is very essential; with proper fish population to water volume ratio, filtration, and pond design - indoor floor pond can provide rewarding experience to clients. Indoor floor pond can be of various depth and size, making it an ideal choice for commercial and residence space decoration. As this type of pond can be covered with glass/clear acrylic sheets to allow free movement of people/Vehicle, they don’t consume the valuable living space or congest movement.

Filtration is the very essential element of this type of setup for long term success, with our innovative filtration solution customer can clean the filters and do most of the maintenance work without even wetting their hands, on touch of controllers. Adding lights to pond will help enjoy the fish in night and dark places.

Feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation on making an indoor floor pond in your place.